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Standardizing Pathfinders - OPML

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Gear Up Your Research Guides with the Emerging OPML Codes
by Kimberley Wilcox. Information Today Nov./Dec. 2006.

"Dave Winer, author of the OPML specification, explained that “OPML [is] an XML-based format that allows exchange of outline-structured information between applications running on different operating systems and environments” (http://www.opml.org/about). Simply stated, OPML provides a mechanism for sharing outlines, which can consist of RSS feeds, links, audio and video files, and text.

As an XML format, OPML specifies a standardized set of metadata elements that describe outlines. These metadata elements are quite minimal and are intended to be both human- and machine-readable, which means that anyone with a basic knowledge of XHTML can create OPML files with nothing more than a text editor."

Web 2.0 -- no! But a great development none the less!

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