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I've been saying it for several years now, and this IPSOS study agrees with me. Teens are online less than adults, are not necessarily early adopters of everything tech, and are not very confident in using technology.

I don't know how many classes I've given where nobody in the room knows what a "blog" or "wiki" is. They know iTunes, facebook, mySpace, wikipedia, youtube, bittorrent, but little else. Many can't install software, customize security settings on a web browser, or even find files stored somewhere on their laptop. I am happy to see they are into Goole apps quickly.

Like I keep saying, the future is the same as the past, on average everyone's the same, while some are really behind and there are always some gurus in the room.

The Internet is a Copy Machine.

Google Displays

"Last week, the search giant began a public experiment in which users can make their search results look a little different from the rest of the world's. Those who sign up are able to switch between different views, so instead of simply getting a list of links (and sometimes pictures and YouTube videos, a relatively recent addition to the Google results), they can choose to see their results mapped, put on a timeline, or narrowed down by informational filters." Read more.

Read it here.

Hide and Seek Game

Okay, this is nuts!

Marketing for Dummies

One day I'll get time to check this out.

Not sure why this is cool. Not too into folksonomies myself.

Coolest Plugin Ever

Books That Make You Dumb

Nice chart, nice data visualization.

iPhone Your Library

Check out this little ditty!

Geo-Coordinates Lookup service


Youtube Video Star

Data Visualizations


Google Does Some Evil...

Well they could not stay good forever...read this Googlesystem blog post.


VoiceThread. You can upload pictures and create an audio narrative to go along with them. In addition, audio comments can be left by visitors.


Sketchcast. You can “draw” on a whiteboard and record an audio explanation at the same time. You’re given a url for your creation and/or you can embed it into a blog. Others can leave comments about your Sketchcast, too.

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