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Best of the Web, Early 2009

PDF to MSWord App

Ever wonder what the licensing breakdown is? Check this out.

Poetry to a Non-Literary Type

Prototype as if you are right.
Listen as if you are wrong.

Helene Blowers

In 1985, alone in his home in Bonn, Germany, Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at his typewriter, tapping out random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper. As he went along, Hillebrand counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and spaces on the page. Each blurb ran on for a line or two and nearly always clocked in under 160 characters. That became Hillebrand’s magic number—and set the standard for one of today’s most popular forms of digital communication: text messaging.

Los Angeles Times, May 3

Two PhD's???

Found by Orange Crate Art

Today We Burn Metadata Not Books

Burn the metadata


Marshall McLuhan would enjoy this extension of man...

Why I Love Photoshop

How To Get Stuff Done


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