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Disney Tries to Up the Screen Time Kids Have

Seems some bozos at Disney think it is a good idea to provide digitally remastered copies of their children's collection, online, to replace story time at bedtime. Rather than mom or dad reading, you can watch...$80 a year. gh#!@$!!!!


Toronto Public Library recently purchased 989 copies of Dan Brown’s new novel The Lost Symbol in multiple formats:

● 800 copies of the print version
● 76 copies of the audiobook
● 83 copies of large print
● 15 copies of the eBook
● 15 copies of the eAudiobook

If only the TTC could serve the people instead of its staff...

Flat World Knowledge

Case Against Literary and Software Patents

Sharing Big Files

I always seem to need this but always seem to take the hard road...also there's http://fileurls.com/

Literary Classics in 60 Second Videos


1000 free one minute videos providing summaries of popular literary works.

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