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Wikipedia's Words to Avoid

Open Library

Open Library

The goal is to create a comprehensive web page about any book ever published. Think of wikipedia entries for books. Reviews, comments, links to buy, borrow, etc. This is predicted to be a competitor to WorldCat. We'll see. Libraries under contract with OCLC cannot participate in the project generally.

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Great Piece on How Conferences are Changing


And a great ebook piece

Check out this ditty. You have to monitor it, but I love the idea!

Old Magazines Make Money

Seems old magazine archives can be monetized in today's rush for content to match with ads. See this NYTimes piece.

Unethical Sponsorship Online?

Okay, lets say you need a medical procedure you can't afford. Maybe if someone hears your story, they can help. Here is something that has folks talking.

Anybody wanna sponsor me a fitness trainer?

Sunshine List

Want to see which civil servants crack the $100 000 club? Go here.

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