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Getting Married? Save Some $, Chuck the Band, Use an MP3 Player

On July 10th, Mary Schneidau, from the Montreal Gazette, writes about couples that are DJ'g their own weddings using their MP3 player and developing their own playlists. They're known as 'iPod weddings'.

I can't imagine shuffling among playlists while partying at my own wedding reception. Pay a DJ to use my preselected playlists, maybe, lead the party, my party, nope.

Wiki Travel Guide Books

Who needs Fodor's, Frommer's, etc.? When planning a trip, I always chat with friends first to get insight on where to stay, what to do and so forth. I want details, and honest feedback.

Social networking sites are begining to key in to the demand for this type of experiental knowledge. In addition, Yahoo's trip planner has more than 20 000 member trip plans on an interactive world map, competitors include: Trip Advisor's INside, VirtualTourist's Trip PLanner, Gusto, RealTravel, TrekkerTime, Squidoo. To keep marketers at bay, people can comment on the iterneraries.

As these services expand, I wonder if the lawyers will come knocking as people provide emotionally charged reviews of hotels they disliked? Aggregated to 100's or 1000's of negative reviews, it could be really bad for business.

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