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IT Seems to Not Be Living Up to Its Promises

MERS - bad data on mortgages

I can't help but look all around me and see the dysfunction IT brings to our world. For every plus, there are many more minuses it seems. Paper records were bad because they sat in one building, could get lost, etc. Online records seem to be even worse...again the technology is not the problem but the corporations using it certainly is. Corners get cut and people have no recourse for being victimized by bad data. People's lives are being ruined by bad data...Ruined.

I don't think Bradbury ever saw this coming...the Matrix looks less frightening than what we see going on in the U.S. foreclosure mess; online health records, etc.

12 Ways To Make Bad Decisions

12 Ways to Make Bad Decisions
via The Heart of Innovation by Mitch Ditkoff

1. Selective Search for Evidence
2. Premature Termination of Search for Evidence
3. Inertia
4. Selective Perception
5. Wishful Thinking
6. Recency Effect
7. Repetition Bias
8. Anchoring and Adjustment
9. Group Think
10. Source Credibility
11. Attribution Asymmetry
12. Role Fulfillment

Antifeatures! I Love This Guy!

Course Hero.....IP Issues

Seems there are all kinds of issues right now around who owns/controls course materials. One example is Course Hero.
You could upload a friend's course cheat sheet, that itself is full of insturctor supplied content...

Houston, we have a problem...

Open Education...bring on the lawsuits!

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