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How Many eTextbooks Are In the Marketplace?

Coursesmart offers 7000+ from Pearson, Cengage Learning and McGraw-Hill among others.

Why is my bookstore so far behind?

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Canadian Internet Facts

CRTC Communication Monitoring Report 2009

Internet Access: 95% of Canadian households have access to fixed broadband. 91% to mobile broadband. In 2008, virtually all Canadian households in urban centres could have access to broadband services, versus 78% of households that were in rural areas.

TV Viewership: TV viewing biggest drop in 12 - 17 age demographic down 5.9%. Over 18 down 1.4%.

Internet use: 95% of 18-34 anglophones use the Internet; 91% of 35-49, 70% of over 50. Numbers slightly lower for francophones.

Price Pressure on Books

Apple told the world a song is only worth about a dollar. Now Amazon is trying to set the price of books to about $10. I hope they win.



Sigh, more learning to do.

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