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"The biblioblogosphere went gaga for MeeboMe when it launched—and rightly so. Just think: a free little box that you can put on any webpage anywhere and anyone can IM you anonymously! Sweet!

Now there’s Plugoo. The difference between the two is that with Plugoo, if users send you an IM, it automatically opens the IM client of choice (MSN, AIM, etc.) instead of you (the librarian) needing to go through Meebo’s aggregator webpage IM service. Plugoo is available by invite right now.

There’s also a service called Gabbly that lets you simply add the prefix gabbly.com/ before any URL and then see other users who are on that page and chat with them (they have to do the same thing). You can also add a Gabbly chat window to your site.

So now, choices, choices! Which do you want to use to provide anonymous IM reference services on your library’s website?"

Via LibrarianinBlack

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