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Do Canadians Shaft Their Home Grown Authors?

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Marc Cote writes in the Globe and Mail that Canadians lack awareness about Canadian authors because our media is heavily U.S. centric and produced and schools are not giving enough attention to Canadian authors. I get confused between what is a Canadian book: one with a Canadian author, or a book produced in Canada? Does it matter. Don't the best authors travel the world to hon their skills? I read alot of Canadian Non-fiction, and so do others I know. Fiction is fickle, like movies I tend to not care who makes they only that they are great. I find a away to find them. Yes I agree, Canadian students should maybe read Earth and High Heaven instead of To Kill a Mockingbird. The point of literature courses however, is to read, comprehend, discuss and learn how to craft a story. In that case the title itself should not matter only the themes should be relevant to the experience of students. Seems like a few publishing/author folks are crying foul because they don't get as many blockbusters as they would like. Maybe the blockbuster economy or business model is not sustainable anyways?

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