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Censorship as Good Public Policy?

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In Canada, we do not allow folks to sell human biological materials (ex. a kidney). We have banned it on ethical/regulatory grounds. Ditto prostitution - health, ethical grounds. We legally sanction unions between adults. Why do we not ban: AshleyMadison.com? If you have been living under a rock, it is a dating site for married folks who want to have affairs. Does this not undermine marriage? A colleague called it "terrorism" on families, a bit much, but I see the point they are making. Yes, if we ban an online service, it is like wack-a-mole, it will still be accessible elsewhere. We can block credit card payments though, from Canadians. Why do we allow such a service?

If cons set up a similar service to recruit folks to do jobs, it would be shut down immediately. Why is this service allowed to exist? With technology, I always think, just because we can does not mean we should. Not all innovation is good. Where are the gatekeepers? A world without gates, is scary due to human nature than needs to be shaped and directed.

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