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Technology Undermines Privacy and Now Your Ability to Earn a Living Too!

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Human Resources generally likes everything black and white, and easy. It is not surprising then that companies are replacing letters of reference, reference calls, with credit checks (see CNN). The idea being that if your personal life is all in order, you will be a great employee too. Also they can peer into your mental state, folks with big money problems might be stressed, have low productivity, work multiple jobs, etc.

Who sets the evaluative criteria for the retrieved report?
A great way to screen out new grads from poor families, don't you think?

Lets just hire people like us....when have we heard that before?
One mistake or two, some bad luck, and it could be end of the road for you.
Don't forget the blood test before you begin your first day, soon it will be augmented by a genetics analysis too.

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