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Mobile Phone Ring Tone Sales Exceed 20 Billion Worldwide

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There is a perception that people refuse to pay for online content, that they expect everything to be available for free. In the absence of robust DRM, this might be true, but when you have a platform used by billions, with robust DRM, people pay for content willingly. Where many gripe about 99 cent music downloads, they willingly pay $3 or more for a mobile phone ringtone (Toronto Star 17 March 2006 p. E1, E8). The sound bite can be music or dialogue cut from a favorite film or TV show. I'd love to have Cloe from 24's "I don't care why you need it, when do you want it..."

Don't get me wrong I'd love to be able to plug my mobile phone into my PC and install it myself. But since I cannot, a few bucks would not bankrupt me. The problem is the options available are limited. You can only be as creative as the offerings available.

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