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PDF Hell?

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1. PDF wrapped TIFFs - images that are unsearchable and mostly unfndable but look for all intents and appearances like text. A true access chimera.

2. GovDocs exploded into chapters of individual PDF's. Arrghhh! Let's make the user try to assemble - in order - that 24 chapter report plus its cover, appendices and indexes into something compehensible. Oh yeah, extra points if it's in several languages. Of course, a Google free text search won't assemble all the pertinent pieces easily either

3. Worse, let's create a 10,000 page PDF and try to ask any citizen to download and print that!

10. Make custom PDF notepaper

9. Convert files to PDF online

8. Annotate PDF's with Skim

7. Password protect PDF's

6. Merge PDF files

5. Edit PDF's with PDF Tools

4. Speed up your PDF reader

3. Manage your PDF library in iTunes

2. Convert that whiteboard to PDF

1. Save any document as a PDF

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