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Shut Up and Listen? I'm Getting Tired of Futurists, Aren't You?

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David Lee King

People think about change in different ways

* Positively
* Negatively

Librarians and change

* slow change
* fast change

Transformation taking place in social networking world

* Social networking is really taking off
o Mentioned in mass media
o patrons noticing and caring
* RSS, RSS Reading, tagging, comments, mash ups, user generated content, friending
* Comments
o old way - one-on-one, letter, not a public conversation
o new way - public conversation, AADL
* Friending
o old way - business card
o new way - Facebook, YouTube channel, MySpace, Instant Messaging buddies
+ you can be friends for life
+ connections regardless of geography
+ trusted source
* Content
o old way - books on a shelf
o new way - staff generated, patron generated, pieces of web pages, subscribed to
+ different types of media
+ tell stories, give the library a human voice
+ Denver Public Library - YouTube video contest
+ participative in nature
+ Stevens County wiki (Stevens County Public Library)
* Tagging
o old way - authority controlled, librarian created
o new way - user generated, personal keywords
+ Scriblio - each book is a blog post
* Web as Platform
o old way - patrons visiting the library to access the library
o new way - patrons visit library to access the web to do stuff outside the library
+ use web to create content, access services, get information
+ library as launch pad to a destination
* Mashups
o Freely combine content from more than one information source
+ syndetics, amazon
+ LibraryThing for libraries

Whys and Hows

* Relevant to the next generation
o IM and text messaging
o creating user generated content
o using web 2.0 tools for storage, bookmarking, entertainment
* Mobile technologies are getting smaller and easier to use
* Activities have to be more interactive
* Teach the current generation
o concept of information literacy changing
+ teaching people how to use social tools effectively
# Flickr class
# MySpace for parents program
+ show people how to save time
# different forms of communication (IM)
# Bookmarking
# working smarter by using tools
* Be a community leader
o become a community resource
o be relevant to their users
* How do I find time?
o changing the focus
o changing job description
o changing services we provide (karen’s comment)
* letting go of the past
* do something scary
* Granting time
o give time for reading, playing, learning, creating
o send staff to formal training
o practical training for staff
o buy books for training
* When making changes…
o describe change succinctly
o plan carefully
o help people respectfully let go
o constant communication
o model new behavior

5 year forecast

* more interaction more participation
* personalization
* more multimedia
* mobile - actual functionality for non-nerds
* easier designs (via templates and skins)
* National Library of New Zealand conference “in 2017 libraries will be…”
o anywhere, anytime, anyhow
o libraries will be about communities not computers
* one things is sure: change…

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