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MySpace and Facebook Ghosts Begin to Haunt Students

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Student postings (text, images, etc.) on MySpace, Xanga, Hi5, Friendster and Facebook are proving to be a great source for 'character investigations' by universities, colleges and employers. USA Today reports that students are loosing scholarships, admission offers and jobs because of the irresponsible content (libel, erotic, drugs, hate literature, crimes, etc.) they posted online. To some degree it is a similar manifestation of the buzz about blogging and people being fired for what they wrote.

Although many of these communities may be limited to students, if there is a will, there is a way for people to get access. I think alot of students believe they are hanging out in virtual spaces in relative anonimity from "higher-ups" and that the power relations of the past have been turned on their head by technology. They're in the know, while others are clueless. Evidently this belief (from anedotal evidence) is false.

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