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University on an iPod

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There is alot of hype about professors recording their lectures, and releasing them either as audio files via Podcasts, or video via video podcasts. If we don't do this, students set up rogue recording and distribution networks to meet the demand. Some even charge for access.

Unfortunately, its usefulness varies by course. It is great for intro courses, and inappropriate for upper level courses. Some universities are registering up to 400% of a room's capacity, so that students have the star professors as lecturers. I've seen a class with 40 TA's. some people are great on TV some are not. The problem is that students are demanding it, administrators are pushing it because the economics look good, but it has limited application. The real question is: if ratios were small, would students want to come to class? Are we loosing part of the educational experience by turning higher education into a cable tv package with tests?

Rather than aiming for all lectures in a course delivered this way, maybe some, say 40% can be delivered by VOD?

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