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Great Idea...Buy a Lobster Trap

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Ready Seafood, a ten million dollar kiddie start-up company, has a nice service that blew my mind! For $3000 a year, you rent a lobster trap and they send you the catch wherever you live. I love it, but I don't know why. I'd love to buy a piece of a potatoe field, or thai pepper field and get the "output" for the season sent to me. Kinda like outsourcing your garden. I'd lime to have my own apple tree in an orchard. I could visit it when I feel so inclined...and when I want pick the apples at the end of the year...someone else does the care of..I reap the reward. Anybody out there with a tree I can rent in the GTA?

Speaking of outsourcing, I'd love to outsource the upkeep of my car. Someone keep an eye on it, bring it to get fixed when need be, proactive care...outsource my groceries...give someone a list and have it delivered..have them profile me to know what I like and don't like. Know the quantities I buy...

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