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Google Maps rules Web 2.0

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Gawker Stalker uses Google Maps to turn celebrities into marked targets. Rather than just publish photos, stories of the celebrity siting and overheard conversations, the entries are mapped using Google Maps. Enquiring minds want to know, so they too can go hunting. Everyone can play the paparazzi role playing game!

There is not a day that goes by that I wonder, what we did before Google Maps? I like having access to maps at the point-of-need, usually when I have to buy something. Mapping the store or service point is expected as part of my online experience. Whether it is Google Maps or MapQuest. Also, since my old car does not have a GPS unit, I print lots and lots of Google Maps, to find my way around the city. Google is really good at having difficult to find "unassumed streets" in its database.

Google Maps Mania is a great place to stay on top of these Web 2.0 mash-ups.

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