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Problematic Online Lists

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There are all kinds of lists on the web, to "fight back". Want to get back at pigs who holler at women? Goto Holla Back NYC to read harassment stories and see pictures of the offenders. Want to know which professors are too biased on campus? Goto Daniel Pipes' Campus-Watch. Want to know who performs abortions? - the 'Nuremberg Files' list full contact information (often including their homes) for more than 200 doctors and workers from abortion clinics around the country.

From a professional perspective, should we help people find these problematic lists? On a continuum, you have everything from lists of "family friendly" (think ultra-conservative) hotels to rate my professor, to hate speech lists (Mel Gibson, you made it!), to lists of conspiracy operatives. Where do you draw the line?

Quite the interesting infosphere is emerging.

Update: Hollabackcanada is here.

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