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Director of the U.S. PTO Scolds Elementary Students

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300 potential offenders at a Bloomington elementary school were rounded up so they could be "educated" about the legality of file downloading. They were told not to take other people's stuff. This has been happening all over the globe. "Just say yes to licensing".

I agree, if pricing was reasonable, if derrivative works were permitted. We've been cutting and pasting with pop culture for decades (in schools), just beacuse it is digital does not mean the practice should be banned. Digital distribution lowers marketing costs, yet they continue to spiral out of control, often adding up to 50% of the cost of making a film and distributing it. I for one don't want all my dollars going into marketing most people tune out anyways.

We don't have a piracy problem, we have a pricing problem. Eventually we'll get equilibrium again, until then the silly business will continue. The emergence of web content changed the equation, the business models of the entertainment industry have to adapt, they don't have a monopoly anymore. They cannot charge monopoly prices. Should we get it for free? No. But I should be able to build my own music playlists online, for say 10$ a month. $15 for a CD with tracks I don't want - NO! $1 for a download I cannot access where-ever I am - Nope!

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