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Youtube is 3rd Most Popular Service Among Students

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Now that the masses of students are back, I've been scanning what they're doing on their lab workstations. Unscientifically, I've counted at several times each day, what are the most popular things displayed on the workstations they are using.

1st: Instant Messaging (usually 2-4 different windows at once)
2nd: email
3rd: Youtube video clips!
4th: Course registration systems
5th: video games

I'm not sure how campus bandwidth is being affected, but many, many minds are watching amateur TV all day long. "Ya gotta see this!" is uttered quite frequently in the crowds...fascinating stuff.

Now if I limit the views just to students using their own laptops, PVR'd TV programming and movies are second, to actually doing classwork, which is first! Video games are third, followed by Youtube.

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